June 17, 2006

N.Y. Yankees 9, Washington 11 at Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Stadium
N.Y. Yankees Record: (38-28)
Washington Record: (31-39)

Winning pitcher – Jon Rauch (2-1)
Losing pitcher – Mariano Rivera (4-4)
SV – Chad Cordero (13)

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 R H E
N.Y. Yankees 1 1 0 0 7 0 0 0 0 9 15 1
Washington 0 0 1 1 4 0 2 3 X 11 13 1

NYY HR – J. Damon (10) J. Posada (9) A. Rodriguez (15)
WAS HR – D. Ward (5)

After 3 homers, including a grand salami by Jawnee Damon, we decide to show the ugly side to our game. 6 ineffective pitchers used, including Mo, and newbie, T.J. Beem. We get rid of Erickson and Small (designated for assignment) and activate 2 minors.

Now, I do realize we need to utilize our farm system, but surely, even Stevie Wonder can see, we need to bolster our Rotation and pen. I know Dotel is due back next week, but how long will it take for him to be game ready. Calling on him in a tight situation and blowing it because he ain’t fully ready, would be counterproductive.

I still maintain, to highest extent, that we need another starter at least. Chacka Khan is only back from injury, Randy is suspended for his next start, and Jaret, well, is still wrong. Who’s gonna step up?? Pavano?? Don’t make me laugh…. His contract should be eaten up, chewed and spat back feckin out. What a waste of a player. Farnsworth is injured now aswell. I know most of you don’t like him, but he CAN be good at times. I can wait for him. Contentious I know, and I’ll probably get stats to the contrary shoved in my mush.

Jason Schmidt took a devastating loss in Safeco Field, Seattle today. He is the only pitcher the Giants really have. Is the pressure getting to him. The trade rumors are still leaping about. He could be amazing here in the Bronx, with Gator Guidry taking him under his wing. Johan Santana is the most likely, but again the Twinkies swept the Sox (more than we could do), and Minnesota would be loath to part with him at the moment.

Can someone explain to me how Joe Torre got the win added to his record yesterday, while serving a 1 match ban?? Lee Mazilli took over, and according to the mighty FOX, Mazz did not get the win on his record…. Baffling.

Come on Yankees, games like this one might rear up and bite you in the ****, come September.

Folks, I’ve been busy with my World Cup Blog and working, so this, my original blog has gotten neglected. Lola darling, I’m back. Thanks for the comment.


One comment

  1. Lola

    Dave!!! Great to see u back posting at this blog =)
    Yesterday’s game was….eeeer…i dont even have words for it!

    I still cannot fathom blowing a 7 run lead. I left to run errands in the top of the 7th cause i thought we certainly were fine, and listen in on my car radio. I almost crashed my car when i heard the atrocities going on! Anyway…

    i do agree that we might need at least another starting pitcher, but who do u suggest we get? Dontrelle perhaps?

    And as for the bullpen, no way i think octavio will be ready as soon as he gets back, so we need to stop anticipating it so much…he will need at least a week or so to be ready to pitch.

    Our bullpen is shot, but is it really? I think the problem always goes back to our starting pitchers, who pitch 5 FREAKING INNINGS, urghghhh! It goes without saying, OUR STARTERS NEED TO START GOING DEEPER!! How many times can proctor be used? He was so brilliant in the beginning of the season and now i’m scared they have ****** the thunder out of him by using the man almost every freaking day!

    And is Mike Myers really only going to pitch to lefties FOREVER???? Geez, i think thats a waste to have a pitcher who only pitches to ONE batter, and its not like he’s even guaranteed 100%. When is Farnsie out till?

    Anyway, this is so long, i’ve “blogged” in ur comment, ha ha. I’ll wrap this up.

    Have a great day Dave!!! =)

    – Lo


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