3 HR’s by, Sal Fasano, Derek Jeter, and Nick Green, got the Yankees off to a fantastic 6-0 start by the 4th inning. Hayden Penn, the Orioles starter, lasted 3+ innings(7 er, 10,hits) before being replaced by Russ Ortiz.

Alex Rodriguez and Jason Giambi were again both missing, due to an upset stomach and a sore wrist, respectively. Nick Green and Aaron Guiel, both made a very good account of themselves.

Another RBI by Jeter in the 4th with no-body out, in the 4th, increased the lead to 7-0. Meanwhile Jaret Wright was pitching his socks off. Now whilst I’m a big opponent of Wright this season, he was amazing today.

In the 5th, Ramon Hernandez belted a solo home run to reduce the lead to 7-1. It was a blemish on an otherwise great outing by Wright.

After Damon walked, and Cabrera doubled ion the 6th, Jeter flied to right to score Damon and make the score 8-1. Bobby Abreu singled to score Cabrera and further increase the score to 9-1.

Wrights performance, showed glimpses of how he can pitch and aid the much maligned Yankee rotation. Now that Mariano Rivera is sidelined with an arm injury, it’s now imperative that the starters go deeper into games with both Proctor and Farnsworth not 100% reliable.

In the 7th, Wright walked both Tejada and Millar. Joe Torre came to the mound and called for Ron Villone. Unfortunately, Villone hadn’t got his stuff with him at all today. In successive pitches he gave up a fly-out then, Hernandez’s 2nd homer of the game to make the score 9-4. He then proceeded to hit Brendan Fahy and allowing a single to Roberts. Torre had seen enough and called for Brian Bruney, who pitched magnificently.

In the 9th, Scott Proctor was called upon to hold the game. After giving up a lead off double, he successfully retired the side to give the Bombers a 9-4 victory.

It wont be long now till the Yankees reach the post-season, and try and maintain the form they have been in of late and reach the World Series.



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