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Picture_103 Un’freaking’believable.. I’m after catching the injury bug that is rife among the Yankees.. I sliced a finger open on a broken glass, and I’m feckin bandaged up. Typing has become an ordeal. I started this blog at 11.20. It’s taking me ages.

Anyhow back to more important things. The Yankees are now 3-3 in Detroit and stretch their mini-streak to 5. Mike Mussina was simply awesome last night. Not only did he have command of the plate, he had command of Joe Torre. In the 9th he gave up a hit to Magglio Ordonez, who led off the 9th. Torre was on his way to take him out, when Moose roared at him to SIT DOWN.. Torre and Gator took great amusement out of it.

It showed the focus and determination of a pitcher, who now, is definitely in the Cy Young reckoning. Even Jim Leyland admitted as much. All night he was powerful and intelligent. It was his 7th win bringing him to 7-1 on the season with 4 no-decisions. It is widely acknowledged it was his 12th straight quality start.

The big bats came through last night, in A-Rod and Giambinio. The so-called lesser players, the fill-ins, again were essential to an impressive 6-1 victory.

On a lighter note. That win last night assured the fact, I won’t have to sing live on ‘under the lights’ with Pete McCarthy. I won my bet with a guy called Mike who expected the Tigers to take at least 3 out of 4. I defended Yankee honor and a song wager was struck..

Luck of the Irish???? No such thing ha-ha….



F68w72go1After the long weekend I’m back blogging and rambling on again.

Great to see mildly aroused Johnson become Randy again Yesterday. He only gave up 2 hits in 6 innings against the team with the best record in the Majors. He also conceded 3 walks, while collecting 4 strikeouts. He was ably assisted by Ron Villone (2inn) and Kyle Farnsworth (1inn). Detroits Jeremy Bonderman, meanwhile, was crushed for 4 runs on 8 hits, in 7.1 innings, with 2 walks and 5 strikeouts added in for good measure.

While it wasn’t vintage Johnson, it was, however, a very encouraging return to some semblance of form. He had definite command of the inside part of the plate, and looked in control for the most part. His no-hitter went in the 6th inning when, Ivan Rodriguez singled to right field on Johnson’s 83rd pitch. It was down and away and was almost golf-clubbed like, to drop in front of Gary Sheffield. Agonizing stuff for Johnson and was the only piece of frustration shown by him all game.

He left in the 7th, after facing 1 batter. Carlos Guillen led off with a double to grab The Tigers 2nd and last hit of the Day. Johnson left feeling a bit funny, not surprising considering the melting 92d heat in the Motor City.

One other note of caution was the early end to the day, for M.V.P. Derek Jeter. He slightly sprained his right hand, while, either sliding into 2nd, head first, or batting in the 4th. He never took the field in the 5th being replaced by mister utility, Miguel Cairo. "He is day to day" said Joe Torre "but aims to be in tonights starting line-up". The captain added "It’s nothing more than irritating, and uncomfortable.

So overall, a good days work was had by the bombers. Beating the Tigers in their own back yard has been more than elusive by most teams this year. Now to keep this performance up and consolidate, has to be the main priority for all.

Aaron Small takes the mound this evening, on the back of a half decent start against the Mets. 4 1/3 innings represented his longest outing of the season and all things being even, he should go a lot longer tonight. He faces Roman Colon, who makes his 1st start of the season, in place of the injured Mike Maroth. He has had a couple of decent relief outings this season, and is considered unlucky, not to have gotten the 5th starting spot in the rotation.

HOLY MOLY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Am I really seeing this malarkey… It is dreadful stuff. No excuses to be made at all.. Give Jeter the ball and let him pitch.. Crikey give it it to Jim Kaat.. anyone who can pitch.. Even Freddie with the frying pan… 9-0 down after 1 and a half innings.


This is tonight’s line-up, as broadcast on CH.30, Will we get replacements now..??? 





5. CANO 2B





Oh dear is this what its come to. Posada in clean-up.. 7.8.9. Phillips, Cairo, Cabrera.. We get close tonight, and I’ll take my hat off to them..  Giambi will be suited up, but just how bad is his neck????? 3 franchise players down + Sturtze, how many more people are next?????

Much as I dislike Sturtze (not as a person), I would not wish injury on anybody , even enemys.. here is a stolen thread from Mark Feinsand (Yankees.com) about the injury Tanyon has, and Obi-Wan Torre’s comments:


NEW YORK — Yankees right-hander Tanyon Sturtze may be done for the season.

The veteran pitcher underwent an MRI exam on Monday that revealed a slight tear in the rotator cuff area of his right shoulder. Yankees team physician Dr. Stuart Hershon, who examined Sturtze, also determined the pitcher has bursitis.

Sturtze, who was placed on the 15-day disabled list over the weekend after finally admitting to manager Joe Torre that there was soreness in the shoulder, is scheduled to travel to Birmingham, Ala., to get a second opining from orthopedic specialist Dr. James Andrews.

"Unfortunately, depending on what he decides to do, it’s probably going to cost him the rest of the year," Torre said of the 35-year-old pitcher who owned a 7.59 ERA because he gave up 10 runs on 17 hits in just 10 2/3 innings.

"He couldn’t take the ammunition out there," Torre said. "He was able to throw 90-something to show us, but the big thing there was he was unable to finish off pitches and have his command."

Torre, who was disappointed that Sturtze didn’t inform the team of his shoulder woes before Saturday, said that the first thing he stresses to his pitchers in Spring Training is that hiding an injury can hurt both the pitcher and the team.

"Don’t try to be a hero, you’re going to shorten your career," said Torre, recalling his message. "I’m sincere when I tell these guys that, because there’s no game that’s more important than somebody’s career



Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Yankees win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My streak is still alive… Jason is the man..

O.K. I’ll settle down.. Honestly Moose pitched one heck of a game.. I admit I was despondant when Jabba the Hut buried a homer and when we went 3-0 down, but my good friend Deky…(I love You Horse)… said there is 2 streaks on the line, his 3rd Red sox game at the Stadium, and he was 2-0, I said F**k this Go Yanks…

The boy Jason came through.. "that 3rd baseman"(It’s A-Rod George)… did a see ya.. and Hip Hip Jorge struck aswell. Wow Ecstasy.. My Man, Scott Proctor was awesome, and Mo moped up…

One sour note, or several I should say, was the bad behavior by a minority, I stress minority, of Sox fans. If they come to Yankee Stadium, attired in Sox gear, and be losing, expect a bit of verbal. Not try and be He-Man and take every one on. Bad Losers or gobshites.. You make your mind up..!!!!!

Not much more this Delirious Yankee Fan can say ’till tomorrow 

SEE YA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   

My streak on the line

Each and every time I’ve been to the Stadium, we have won and Jason Giambi has hit a homer.. Not one to put curses on things, I predict both streaks will stay alive tonight, as i make my way to the 4 express shortly.

Last night was so hard to comprehend, as we took the lead and Becket did not look good early on. But he got consistently better as the game went on and the Sox humiliated us in our own back yard.

Steinbrenner wouldn’t put the blame squarely on Johnson’s shoulders, but said he was disappointed with several players especially "that 3rd baseman"… Ouch, not even criticized by name, that’s a kick in the teeth.

Granted, A-Rod had a stinker, but he’s done that before against the Red Sox and come back to play as everyone knows how he can play.. Certainly it’s a must win situation, more so that it’s Moose pitching tonight, and he’s been our rock this year. The Sox are no great shakes this year and I think we are seeing them at their full potential now. We should be more than capable than stepping it up tonight. Half of our ability should see us through them.

But sadly our pen is lacking… Don’t get me started on Dirtze… You know how I feel about him.. Farnsworth is promising, More good than bad, but when bad he’s awful. Villone had a venom in his eye last night I liked. He needs more work.. Myers will always only pitch 1-2 batters and has been effective to the most part, until Jabba the Hut went deep last week on him. Should never have even pitched to him.. Mo is shaky to say the least, but the one guy I like, and only had 1 really bad day (which can be excused) is Proctor.. Looks Fit and ready all the time and he could be the set up man tonight to give Moose the win..

Mark my words……we will win tonight, and the streak stays alive…….


Despite what others may think or say,W6miel781  Yankees/Red Sox games are eagerly anticipated with bated breath. It is a rivalry that stems as far back as the Bambino era, and has kept millions of baseball fans, from near and afar, riveted with anticipation every year. The sheer mention of the clash send shivers down the spine. ESPN show it live, on days when baseball is not nationally televised, as a rule. Yet even the blundering network realizes the importance of this series.

There are way too many contests to start to digest and dissect now. Countless memories have been imprinted on baseball fans everywhere, supporters of teams different, have even expressed more than a passing interest, and can name a few moments in history, associated with the match up.

Bucky Dent’s biggest hit came in 1978 when he hit a three-run, home-run, in the one-game playoff between the Yankees and Red Sox. It has become an almost inevitable reference year after year as a forward and post-script to the game. Of course who could forget the playoff victory in 2004. 0-3, down then reel off 4 games in a row, to reach the World series, and finally break the 86 year "Curse of the Bambino", and sweep the Cardinals.

This year, as if its needed, sees an extra bite added, with the arrival of Johnny Damon to the pinstripes ranks. Ex-Captain Caveman is on fire at the moment. The "Red Sox nation" should not become "boo-boys nation" tonight towards him. He made a financial decision and yes, it was a controversial decision to move to the Bronx, but even outspoken pro-sox player/leader, Curt Schilling accepted his move, and applauded his great career with the Monsters of Fenway. He didn’t leave with a F*** you attitude, but rather with one of remorse almost, as if he was abandoning ship. I for one am happy he is with us, not against us.

Needless to say I’ll be rooted to my seat, enthralled by the spectacle that is…. The Yankees V. Red Sox……

LETS GO YANKEES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!