Sorry folks a bit of a technical disaster has prevented me from posting. Hopefully I’ts rectified now. Anyway what about those Yankees.

8-3 does not reflect how dominant the bombers were in their 3rd game at Kaufmann Stadium, Kansas against the royals. Behind a dominant Randy Johnson outing, who, now is pitching like the pitcher we know is capable of being, alongside another phenomal offensive performance by Jorge Posada, the Yanks reduced atheir magic number to 15.

Two 3 run homers by hip hip, who went (2-3, 6 rbi) gave the Big Unit a platform to build on. MVP elect, Derek Jeter, had a 2-4 night alongside boy wonder, Robbie Cano, to further aid the Yankees evening.

Sadly, the only downside was the pitching performances of Proctor and Farnsworth. Combined they pitched 2 innings of work that yielded 4 hits and 3 runs.

All things being said, it was a vast improvement on Tuesdays performance. Kansas, although, not a great ball team, will provide to be a spanner in the wild card race.

The Yankees, are now a definate force to be reckoned with, in the American League race. Fingers crossed us here in New York shall get a subway series again.

In other news, Hideki Matsui had a 1-3 night for the Trenton Thunder in his 1st rehab start, since breaking his left wrist. Things are looking up for the Yankees.

Another footnote, Angel Sanchez of the Florida Marlins, pitched the 1st no hitter in 2 years. The last guy to do that was none other than, Randy Johnson, who had a perfect game for the Arizona Diamondbacks.



  1. John

    Welcome back Dave, and congrats to the Yankees yet again. And who’da thought the Italians would win the World Cup?

    RSN UK

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